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Determining when the ‘Finish Account Creation’ message template is sent
Answer ID 10105   |   Last Review Date 04/04/2020

When is the ‘Finish Account Creation’ message template sent to our customers?


Message Templates, Emails,Configuration Settings
Oracle B2C Service 

The ‘Finish Account Creation’ message template needs to match the following conditions:

  • EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE = 1 (for contacts created via Techmail-S)


The EGW_PASSWD_CREATE is used to automatically generate a password for a new contact, but the contact will be required to manually reset the password in order to log in to the end-user pages. A message with instructions and a link to a password setup page will be emailed to the new contact.

When an existing customer’s first email/reply reaches the application:

  1. The Techmail-S utility analyzes the existing contact record and if there is no value for the login field, the utility will create a login ID and generate a random password.
  2. Next, the ‘Finish Account Creation’ message template is sent to the contact.

Otherwise, when a new contact submits an incident via email, the Techmail-S utility will create a contact record (if EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE is enabled) and the ‘Finish Account Creation’ template is then sent to the customer.


If the login field is manually populated, the customer will not receive the ‘Finish Account Creation’ message template.

If you do not want this message to be sent to newly created contact, please refer to
New contacts are receiving a Finish Account Creation email and
Disabling the message sent when a new contact is created from email