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What can you expect from Oracle B2C Service Technical Support when working your service request?
Answer ID 9720   |   Last Review Date 09/08/2019

What can you expect from Oracle B2C Service Technical Support when working your service request?


Working service requests


The support engineer is your single point-of-contact and advocate within Oracle. They will coordinate all efforts with the appropriate resources to resolve your service request, including working with: specialized support teams, Sales, Technical Account Managers (TAMs), Cloud Operation, Product Development as well as management when necessary.

You should expect a timely response based on the severity of your issue that includes what the support engineer has done, why they've done it, what they're going to do next, why they're going to do it and when you should hear back from them.

Your service request will be thoroughly documented through the entire investigation process. You should expect:

  • Issue /question clarification and verification
  • Explanation of why diagnostics have been requested
  • Justification for a stated root cause
  • Proposed solutions with appropriate justifications
  • An action plan to solve the issue and document any knowledge captured
  • The support engineer will make every attempt to engage with you to resolve the issue. If they cannot reach you after three attempts, they will initiate an auto-close of the service request.

If there is a patch that resolves the issue, the Support Engineer will provide the patch information and close the service request with your agreement. If the development team finds that a product enhancement is required, your service request will remain open until the enhancement is introduced in a new release version of Oracle B2C Service. Although no proactive updates will be provided during this period, you may request a status update through your open service request.

To ensure that support engineers do not close service requests prematurely, we monitor and track service request reopen rates.

NOTE: It is strictly forbidden for Oracle employees to act as a contact on a customer or partner owned instance of the Oracle B2C Service CRM solution. Additionally, an Oracle employee should never make a request to a customer or partner for their login credentials. Qualified Oracle employees have the means to access all required information by alternative means. The integrity of your site is of the utmost of importance to Oracle and these actions represent serious breaches of security and protocol and are taken very seriously.

If an Oracle employee should ask you for your credentials or to be added as a contact record for any reason, please provide as much detail as possible via our Customer Security email,