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Missing data from the Information Gap Report
Answer ID 9530   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why am I seeing old data in the Information Gap Report?


Analytics, Standard Reports
Oracle B2C Service, All Versions


When running the Information Gap Report (ID 92), the listed data is weeks old, instead of showing the last 7 days as is the default.


Although the data from the Information Gap Report is set by default to the last 7 days, this can be changed as described in Answer ID 2052: What is the Information Gap report?.

If the listed information is more than one week old, please check the following configuration settings and make sure they have the desired values:

     1. GAP_FREQUENCY - Specifies how frequent (in days) the Information Gap Report is generated. If this value has been increased from the default 7 days, the report will be generated more rarely.

     2. GAP_TIME_PERIOD - Specifies the time period included in the Information Gap Report. The report analyzes incidents created during the specified number of days. If the value is changed from the default 7 days, the report will contain data only for the set number of days.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by key.

If these two configuration settings have the correct values, please check if the agedatabase utility is running properly as described in Answer ID 4551: Am I able to check my own utilities to see if there are any errors?. If agedatabase is not functioning correctly, please open a service request with Ask Technical Support and they will investigate the utility.


The Information Gap Report is based on the "gap_report" table, which is populated via the agedatabase utility. If the utility is not running properly, the data for the report will not be generated.