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Contact management for Oracle B2C Service support requests
Answer ID 9441   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

What should I do if I am not the best point of contact for a support request?


Support contacts within the Oracle B2C Service support site


By default, only the contact who submitted a service request is able to update that service request via email.  That person will also by default be the primary point of contact for support in case questions arise or we try to reach you by phone.  Please be mindful that, if you do not have details about the request you're submitting, or you don't expect to be available to answer questions, you may not be the best person to serve as the point of contact for that request.  This is why, as of March 2017, we've implemented some enhanced contact management tools for service requests.

You can see a full walk through of the new tools here.

New functionality includes:

  1. The ability to submit a service request 'on behalf of' someone else in your organization, by deselecting the "I am the point of contact for this request" checkbox on the Ask a Question form, and selecting someone else in your organization from the menu.
  2. The ability via the Contact Management section of the service request update page (accessible via your service request list) to
    • Add existing contacts to your service request,
    • Remove contacts from your service request,
    • Update the point of contact on your service request, or
    • If you are a contact manager, create new contacts that are automatically associated with your service request

Additional information regarding these options is also available via Answer ID 9436: Set or add a point of contact on a service request.