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Contact and incident details are NULL, if the chat is cancelled or terminated before engagement
Answer ID 8982   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Why do certain chats have contact and incident details as NULL?


B2C Service Chat
Oracle B2C Service


If a chat is cancelled before being engaged with an agent, the contact and incident details can have a NULL value. 


This is because the person may not have joined the chat, either the customer cancelled it or, the end user got the engagement invitation and did not responded in a timely manner.

When a chat is queued, by default it will have a chat_id with the contact details, when an end user submits the chat form. The chat id is generated as soon as it is queued in the system; however the customer details are kept as reserved only. The contact details will be committed to the database only after the chat is first engaged with an agent. This is expected functionality. 

There are a couple of standard reports you can use to review the events of incoming requests.

1. If you already know the chat ID, you can go straight to the Chat Events report (ID 3054).
    The path to this report is:  \Public Reports\Service\Chat Reports\Audit Reports\Audit Details

2. If don't know the chat ID already, take note of the specific date/time an agent receives the alert.  You can then generate the Chat Audit Report (ID 3047) to identify the incoming chat request ID for that time and review the events of that request. The Chat Audit Log is most useful and provides a 360 view of all incoming requests.

For additional information on helpful chat reporting, refer to Answer 7110: Useful Chat Auditing Reports.