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Oracle Social Network (OSN) Integrated version is not the same as the Standalone
Answer ID 8416   |   Last Review Date 09/16/2018

Is Oracle Social Network (OSN) Integrated version the same as the Standalone version?


August 2014 and newer using the Oracle Social Network (OSN) integration


There are two products of Oracle Social Network (OSN) which commonly get confused. Oracle Social Network is now available as an integrated service with Oracle B2C Service. OSN was originally a standalone service which has a robust repertoire of functions which the integration version does not have yet. There is ongoing development of the integrated version of OSN to close the gap between the standalone OSN.  Because of the gap between the two versions of OSN the integrated version does not have all the same features as the standalone version yet. The goal of the integrated version is to have the same functionality of the standalone but as mentioned previously, development is still ongoing.

A example of some of the differences between the two products are:

Example 1:
Oracle Social Network apps are currently not functional when integrated with Oracle Social Network. This is due to a different authentication mechanism (SAML) being used. Currently Oracle Social Network apps do not support SAML as an authentication mechanism.

Example 2: 
To setup extended collaboration when integrated with Oracle B2C Service, please follow the below steps:

1. Create a new profile
2. Under tab "Other", mark checkbox "External User". No other special permissions are needed.
3. Create a new account and associate the new profile to the account.

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