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Community Self-Service Integration
Answer ID 8107   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How do I enable the Community Self-Service Integration?


August 2015 release or newer / Customer Portal Version 3.3


The Community Self Service feature is a peer-to-peer question and answer application that is fully integrated into the Customer Portal. Peer-to-peer support has become an increasingly important part of web self-service customer support. Your customers have always been able to search for answers in your knowledge base and submit questions to your customer support agents. With Customer Self Service, your knowledge base expands to include knowledge shared by other customers, so your customers can now ask and answer questions of other customers in addition to seeking information only from your agents.

This feature is not a purchasable item and does not require the enablement of a configuration setting or module.  It is just a matter of placing widgets on your customized Customer Portal pages, and potentially modifying your contact workspace to be able to grant role-based access to users.

See Oracle B2C Service Documentation for further information on setting up the Community Self-Service feature.

You are able to upgrade your Customer Portal Framework from CP2 to CP3 on your site by following the steps provided in the Migration Guide found in the answer link Answer ID 5767: Upgrading Customer Portal Framework from CP2 to CP3.