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Submitting multiple issues with Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 7946   |   Last Review Date 08/06/2019

I am experiencing more than one issue related to Oracle B2C Service. Is it effective to report all of them into a single service request?


Service Requests submitted to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support


Oracle B2C Service support process requires that a service request be submitted in order to receive assistance. If multiple issues are involved, a separate service request needs to be created for each issue. This allows the support engineers to establish a clear problem/solution association and plan of action. In addition, this policy ensures that the data can be used for later analysis, workforce planning and root cause analysis. Adhering to this policy would lead to efficient service request handling, including the ability to route service requests expeditiously to the person who can respond to and solve them most quickly.

In the event of submitting a service request that is referencing multiple issues, you are going to be kindly asked by the engineer working on the service request to re-submit each additional issue separately, breaking down the initial request into multiple service requests. The engineer assigned to the initial service request might create the additional service requests on your behalf. However, please keep in mind that this does not fall into the agent's function and it is your responsibility to submit a service request for each issue. Situations in which the engineer is going to break down the issue and submit a service request include the event in which the customer is unable to submit a service request themselves.

Prior to submitting one or more service requests you should make a thorough review of both our knowledgebase and the documentation you received with your Oracle B2C Service purchase.

Examples of situations where multiple service requests should be submitted:

1. You have been recently provisioned with an upgrade site and are facing multiple issues on the upgrade site. You decide to submit a service request to Oracle B2C Service technical support to which you attach a word document where all the problems are documented.

2. You are experiencing various error messages in different areas of the application. You decide to submit a service request to Oracle B2C Service technical support in which to report all errors you are experiencing.