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How to configure purging of archived incidents to match data retention requirements
Answer ID 7037   |   Last Review Date 05/12/2019

How do I configure incident archiving to permanently delete archived incidents so that we can comply with company data retention policies? 


Incident Archiving
Oracle B2C Service, February 2015 and newer releases 


To support your ability to comply with your company's data retention policies, beginning in the February 2015 release, Oracle B2C Service lets customers determine when archived incidents are permanently deleted or purged from the incident archive. This feature allows you to keep your archived incident data groomed and allows you to meet data retention or disposal requirements.  For example, your company may require that incidents older than 5 years be permanently deleted so they are irretrievable.

Prior to the 19B release, the configuration setting PURGE_ARCHIVED_INCIDENTS specifies the number of days after which Solved incidents that are already archived are permanently removed from your site.

The setting is in days from the date the incident was closed.


PURGE_ARCHIVED_INCIDENTS = 1825 - Archived incidents will be purged 5 years after the incidents were closed.

Note: This setting applies to interfaces.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

To change the value, select Edit Selection in the toolbar or click in the Value field, type a new value, and click Save in the toolbar.

Starting from 19B release, the purge archived incident configuration has been permanently migrated to Data Lifecycle Management component. 

For existing customers migrating from older releases, nothing explicit has to be done. The configuration values would be automatically migrated to interface specific data lifecycle policy. For new customers on 19B+ releases or new interfaces created on 19B+ release, interface specific policy will have be manually created and configured. Refer to documentation: How can we use Data Lifecycle Policy to purge (or archive)?

Note: Configuring this policy and enabling it may cause data to be irretrievably deleted from the archive.  Please review this setting description and the documentation carefully prior to setting the policy.  Verify that the data in solved incidents older than the intended threshold are no longer needed by your organization.  The default retention period of archived incidents is 1825 days which equates to approximately 5 years.

Also note that the archived incident retention period should be greater than your archive incident period set in the incident archive data lifecycle policy otherwise purging will not be performed.