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Open existing record from separate workgroup setting is ignored
Answer ID 6924   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2018

Why is the 'Open existing record from separate workgroup' setting ignored?


May 2014 and newer releases, Specific to the Enhanced Service Console


When I do NOT select the "Open Existing Records in Separate Workgroup" setting of the report control on a workspace, the records are nevertheless opened in separate tabs/workgroups. I believe the setting is ignored by the system.


This behavior is related to profile permissions and is by design. Records in a workgroup are saved in a single operation if you click the Save or Save and Close button. So if a record opens in the same workgroup and you save, all records in the workgroup are saved.

However, an account may be assigned to a profile that does not have Edit permissions to the original record type so we simply cannot allow the account to save it. In this situation the other record is opened in a new tab/workgroup. This behavior is most commonly seen with Contacts and Incidents records.

For example, an account is assigned a profile that does not have permission to edit contacts, but they do have permissions to edit incidents. If the account opens a contact record and then goes to the Incidents tab and opens an incident record the incident record is opened in a new tab/workgroup.