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Subscribing to Auto Update Notifications
Answer ID 6570   |   Last Review Date 10/06/2022

How do I subscribe to the Auto Update Notifications for my site?


Oracle B2C Service Site Update, Notifications


(1) Receive notifications about upcoming version update

Auto Update Program (AUP) customers can opt in to receive update notifications by changing the AUP notification setting on the Account Information page, providing they already have a support site login created by the organization's administrator. If no support site login has been created, please refer to Answer 1560: "Using the Contact Management page to add or update designated contacts"

1. Log into the support site:

2. Click on "ACCOUNT" on the top right of the page

3. Click on "Account Settings" under the "Profile" section

4. Set the "Receive Auto Update Notification" option to "Yes" and click "Save"

(2) Receive notifications about in-flight version update

Notifications regarding an in-flight update such as cutover schedule are sent to Identity Domain users and additional contacts are added by Identity Domain administrators. For more information please refer to the following answer:

Answer 10646: Cloud Portal Notifications

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