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Different Language Labels on Products
Answer ID 6557   |   Last Review Date 10/31/2018

Why don't my product labels match across all interfaces?




Products can carry different labels across different interfaces, making it appear that different products are present from one interface to another depending on language. For example, a product with the ID 555 might be called "Cookies" on an interface using English (US), but be called "Biscuits" on an interface using English (UK). The product ID is the same and any visibility and linking will still apply, but the product will appear with a different label from one interface to another.

Products that have different labels based on language will appear with those different labels in both the Customer Portal and within the agent desktop. This may cause confusion if you have agents who work in multiple interfaces and are not aware that the same product carried different labels in different interfaces. It is important that your agents be aware of which products they should be applying on a per-Interface basis if your products have different labels based on language.

If you would like to configure your products so that they have different labels based on language, or if you would like to ensure that they are configured with matching labels across interfaces, you can do so by following the below steps:

1. Configuration > Service > Products/Categories/Dispositions
2. Select the product you would like to modify and double click on it
3. Next to the product "Name" field you will see a drop down button. Click this
4. Select which language you would like to modify
5. Makes the desired change
6. Save and Close