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Trouble adding schedules and schedules sometimes fail
Answer ID 6454   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why am I having trouble adding schedules to my reports?  Why do my scheduled reports sometimes fail to run?


All versions, analytics, scheduled reports, utilities


Having reports or dashboards that include a large number of schedules (i.e., 10 or more), or having multiple schedules set to run at the same time, or having multiple reports and/or dashboards all set to run at the same time can cause problems.

This is because the design of the utility that generates and sends scheduled reports is sequential and runs every 15 minutes by default.  The process goes through the list of reports set to run at that time one by one.  If there are too many reports all set to run at the same time, or a few very large reports all set to run at the same time, the utility will not have enough time to finish all of them and, therefore, some may not be sent, and/or the utility may fail and not properly recover.

A suggestion to help improve the performance of scheduled reports include making good use of the available schedule intervals and staggering the schedules.  The application allows for reports to be scheduled daily, weekly, hourly, monthly, and yearly, on 15 minute intervals.  By batching the schedules in various run times, rather than trying to run them all at the same time, you will see improved performance of the reports.

For your convenience, you can use report ID 13000 (Report Schedules) to view the report schedule details, which can help you determine how you might improve the handling of your scheduled reports.