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Mailboxes setup - A pop account may be configured on only one mailbox
Answer ID 6250   |   Last Review Date 06/18/2020

How do I fix my mailboxes when I have a duplicate pop account error?


Mailboxes, Sites updating to August 2013 or newer


This answer is applicable if you have been informed that you have duplicate mailboxes. 

There must be a 1:1 correspondence between pop accounts and mailboxes enabled for incoming mail on your site.  The reply to or from address for a pop account can be used in multiple mailboxes accross interfaces but they must be enabled for only outgoing mail.

If you do not intend to create incidents assigned to a particular interface with the duplicate mailbox:

Simply remove the pop details from one mailbox and disable incoming mail. 

Since techmail runs in parallel on each interface, you may find slightly better performance if you choose to leave the mailbox enabled on an interface which has fewer mailboxes enabled for incoming mail.

If you do intend to create incidents assigned to a particular interface with the duplicate mailbox:

Check for some other mechanism (such as business rules) that assigns incidents to a particular interface.  If there is no mechanism then there are probably incidents created by techmail assigned to both interfaces contrary to your business process. 

If there is a mechanism in place you will have to make changes to the mechanism to allow it to function with a new mailbox on the duplicate interface or with all mail arriving on one interface.  Then either create a new mailbox enabled for both incoming and outgoing mail and assign it to the duplicate interface; or disable incoming mail from the duplicate mailbox and remove the pop information.


Pulling mail from the same mailbox from two interfaces confuses product processes which assign created incidents to a specific interface (or brand).