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Transactional surveys or mailings are not sending
Answer ID 6097   |   Last Review Date 01/15/2019

We have a rule set up to send a survey an hour after the incident closes. I verified that the rule was triggered when the incident was closed. Why hasn't the survey sent?


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When a survey is scheduled to be delivered after a certain time period, it is held in the mail_queue. If the survey does not send after that time period, it may still be in the queue. You can check this possibility through the standard report, Mailing Delivery Queue (ac_id=2009).

If you see any mailings in this report which have a "scheduled" date in the past, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support so we can investigate why the mailing is stuck in the mail queue.

If you wish to monitor the Mailing Delivery Queue report, you can add a schedule so you will periodically receive the report via email. You can also add an alert so you are notified if certain conditions apply. See Answer ID 1854: Using Alerts when scheduling a report subscription

To avoid this problem, you can edit the rule to send the survey immediately and it will not be queued.