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I am not receiving the account assistance email for
Answer ID 5957   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

On the Oracle B2C Service site (, why haven't I received the account assistance email?


This information pertains to customers on the Oracle B2C Service Support pages at


I have selected the 'Forgot your username or password' link, but have not received the password account assistance email in order to check my username or reset my password. 


This can occur if the username entered does not exactly match the value already in the system. 

It's important to note that your email address is always all lowercase. However, the username is case sensitive. The email address is commonly used for the username. While your email address may be your username may be (depending how it was initially entered). If the username entered does not match what is stored in our system exactly, including the case, the password reset/login will not work successfully.

A contact/end-user is able to confirm their Login/Username by going to the support pages at, click on the 'Forgot your username or password?' link, enter their email address, and click on 'Email My Username'.  They should be aware of capital letters that might be used in the username of the contact record, and not in the email address.

If a contact is not using the correct username, they will not receive an email that allows them to reset their password. Once they enter the correct username, they should receive the password reset email.