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How to receive/opt out of Service and Maintenance Notifications
Answer ID 5795   |   Last Review Date 06/18/2020

How can I add contacts to receive/opt out of Service and Maintenance Notifications?


Maintenance Notifications
Communications from Oracle B2C Service


You can now update your notification preferences via your profile page.  There you can opt in or out of Auto Update notifications or of mailings from the Technical Support site.  If you are a contact with permissions to submit or update service requests, you are required to be opted-in to system and hosting notifications.  This is in the interest of ensuring that you've received any critical technical information that affects your site.

The notification options are:

  • Site Version Update Notifications
  • Email notifications when new support contacts or contact managers are created
  • Option to be added to severity 1 and 2 service requests
  • Site status update notifications (service issues)
  • Scheduled maintenance notifications (for further information, see Oracle B2C Service Maintenance FAQs)
  • Ongoing communications and mailings from Oracle B2C Service 

Notifications are sent to individuals marked as either Technical or Support contacts within customer's organization. It is very important for all organizations to continually review the contact list to ensure that the contact list is up to date and accurate to match your organization structure. Typically, these individuals are part of the teams that either own or manage the Oracle B2C Service application within their organizations or in other words, are accountable for Oracle B2C Service application to their organization.

If you are a contact manager for your site, and someone has left your organization or is no longer in a support role, disabling them via the contact management tool will automatically turn off their system and hosting notifications.  If you are listed as a technical contact incorrectly, contact managers can also update your contact permissions via that tool.

The Manage Hosting Notifications tool can be used to opt out users who do not have a support contact. This tool can be found in the Contact Management section of Site Tools and is only available for contact managers.

Go here if you're unsure of who your contact manager is.

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