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How to enable Add-In logging
Answer ID 5346   |   Last Review Date 09/27/2021

How do I enable Add-In logging?


Oracle B2C Service


Enabling Add-In logging requires enabling the 'Configuration' option in the agent profile and turning Add-In logging on manually when an agent logs into the console.  The "Developer Access" checkbox under Profile > Interfaces > Agent Desktop Add-Ins needs to be enabled as well for Add-In logging to work.

1. Enable profile permissions

     a. Configuration (navigation pane) > Staff Management > Profiles
     b. Edit the appropriate Profile.
     c. Go to the Permissions option in the ribbon
     d. Choose the Administration tab
     e. Select the Configuration checkbox

Warning:  The Configuration checkbox will also give the agents in this Profile access to various other configuration pages/items. Hover over the Configuration checkbox to see the items it enables, such as:

     *Staff Management > Password Configuration
     *Site Configuration > Settings
     *Site Configuration > Wizard
     *Site Configuration > Message Bases
     *Site Configuration > File Manager
     *Site Configuration > Interfaces
     *Site Configuration > Add-In Manager
     *Database > Email Address Sharing

     You may want to make sure the agent has the appropriate NavSet permissions enabled/disabled so when you enable the Configuration option, you aren't giving undesired permissions to the agents in this Profile.

     f. Select Interfaces from top ribbon
     g. Select the Agent Desktop Add-Ins tab
     h. Select the Developer Access checkbox
     i. Save and Close profile

2. Upon each login to CX Console, enable Add-In logging

     a. File menu > Add-In Logging > View Current Log File.  There are 4 options you can enable here:  

Activation - Select this event to write entries to the log when add-ins are activated or initialized. Entries will also be written when initialization fails or an exception occurs during activation or initialization.
Distribution - Select this event to write entries to the log when add-in files are uploaded, updated, or removed.
- Select this event to allow activated add-ins to write entries to the log.
Usage - Select this event to write entries to the log when add-ins are used. The specific entries written to the log will vary depending on the add-ins’ functions.

     To enable each option above, you'll need to open the Application Menu once for each option.

     Note that if an agent logs out of the product, they will need to enable these Add-In logging options again once they log in again.