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Create incident from specific mailbox but disable auto confirmation notification email
Answer ID 5099   |   Last Review Date 09/01/2019

Is it possible to prevent the auto-response where incidents are created through a specific mailbox?


Rules, Incidents


We want to have customers send an email to a specific mailbox and have an incident created, but NOT send an email confirmation notification back to the customer.


This can be accomplished by creating a business rule. To create the rule, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the 'Configurations' section of the navigation pane
2. Navigate to 'Site Configuration' --> 'Rules'
3. Click on 'Edit' in the ribbon
4. Under 'States', right click on 'created' and select 'New Rule'
5. From the 'Add Options' section, click on the 'Add IF Condition Based On' dropdown and select 'Incident' --> 'Source'
6. Select 'equals' from the 'Select Operator' option and then you will be given a list of options to select; check the 'Techmail - Service Mailbox' option
7. Using the same procedure above, add another 'IF condition' but this time selecting 'Incident' --> 'Mailbox'
8. Again select the 'equals' operator but this time select the specific mailbox you want the rule applied to.
9. To stop the confirmation email going out, expand the 'Add Action - Then' dropdown and select 'Do Not Send Email Receipt Message'
10. Give the rule a name and save the rule. This rule will now run every time an incident is created from the specified email address and will stop the confirmation email from being sent out as requested.

If you would like further information regarding maintaining and implementing rules, refer to Answer ID 551: Actions a business rule can execute.