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Preventing answer update notifications from being sent
Answer ID 456   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

Is there a way to prevent the sending of emails after every update for customers that are subscribed to be notified when the answer is updated?


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You can set the Notify Subscribers field to 'Do Not Notify' or 'No Change' when saving an answer and the update notification will not be sent to subscribers. The location of the Notify Subscribers menu is controlled by the answer workspace. By default, the Notify Subscribers menu is located on the Details tab.

You can specify the default value for the menu in the workspace by setting the Default Notification Action property in the workspace.

  1. From the Configuration Items > Application Appearances > Workspaces, open the workspace for editing.
  2. Click the Notify Subscribers field.
  3. Set the Default Notification Action property to the default value you wish: No Change, Do Not Notify, Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  4. Save the changes to the workspace.

Note, the 'No Change' option controls the same action as the 'Do Not Notify' option, it is just another classification. The 'No Change' option might be used when you are making minor changes, such as spelling, grammar, etc., and you do not want to send an update notification.

For more information on editing workspace properties, refer to Answer ID 2518: Setting Properties in Workspaces.