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Automatically assign incidents from a contact to the same account every time
Answer ID 4455   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do you assign incoming incidents to the same account that handled the previous incident for this customer?


Incidents, Business Rules


One way to enact this would be to create a custom_field in the contact information and have business rules fire off of that field.

  1. Create a custom field in your contacts record (e.g.: 'preferred_agent')
  2. Make contact.c$preferred_agent visible and editable in your Agent's Contact workspace.
  3. When an Agent works on an Incident from a contact for the first time, they go into the Contact's information and fill out the preferred_agent field with their name/ID/etc.
  4. Create a Business rule for each Agent that says "IF contacts preferred_agent EQUALS "rob" THEN assign Incident to Rob.


  1. You will be unable to really filter based on "skillset" unless you add in products/categories to the rule.
  2. If Agent goes on vacation, then you would either need to manually turn off the rule for that Agent, or have someone assigned to monitor that agent's queue.

    Note: If you do want to filter on an Agent's skillset, then you could add the Products/Category field to the Rule.  For example, Rob is very good at Chat queries, but still needs to train for workspace issues. Knowing this, we can add an AND to the IF that specifies the specific categories and/or products that Rob is able to handle.  If the product or category is one which Rob is not familiar, then we can put the Incident into a generic queue, to be pulled by an Agent experienced in that particular area.

    Now your rule would look similar to this: IF Contact. Preferred Agent equals Rob AND Category equals Chat, THEN Assign Incident To Rob, ELSE Assign Queue "Generic Queue"