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Unable to see answers on customer portal pages
Answer ID 4378   |   Last Review Date 04/03/2019

Why am I unable to see answers that are set to Access Level of Everyone on my site?


End User Pages, Customer Portal, Analytics
Answers created in Oracle B2C Service


Find the report that is being used to perform the search. It will be listed in the /answers/list.php page.  

This report may filter off of things that do not exist in the site.  Create a new report that mimics the report you are using but with products / categories / filters relevant to your site, and then edit the /answers/list.php page and everywhere you see the report_id found on the answers/list.php page. Change it to the ID of your new report.

(You can see the IDs of your reports by opening up your Reports Explorer and clicking on "Choose Details" in the Ribbon, then checking the "ID" box.)

Your "Full Access" Profile does have access to the WebDav / CP Administration privilege, so you should be able to update the list.php page by following these answers:

  1. Set up your computer for WebDav:
         Answer ID 2600: Configuring WebDAV connection to access the Customer Portal
  2. Adjust the code in the detail.php page:
         Answer ID 514: Customizing the Answer Display page
  3. Test your change by logging into and change your "Environment" to "Development"
  4. Deploy your changes
          Answer ID 2849: Deploying Customer Portal pages          

For the reverse behavior, see Answer ID 8342: All answers are showing on site regardless of access level