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Updating a service request with Oracle Technical Support
Answer ID 4285   |   Last Review Date 09/10/2019

How do I update my service request I submitted to Oracle Technical Support?


Oracle B2C Service Support Site


You can update any service request you have submitted to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support and ones submitted by other organization contacts. 

To update an incident:

  1. From the Support page, click on Account from the right hand link at the top.  You must be logged in to the site to access the Account option.
  2. Select Service Requests 
  3. Select the service request you want to update.
  4. Add any addition information
  5. Click Submit

You can display only your service requests or all the service requests submitted from anyone in your organization by choosing the Display option. 

For service requests that have been closed for more the 28 days, you will see this message:  "This incident cannot be reopened or updated. If you need further assistance, please submit a new question by clicking the Ask A Question link."  In this case, you can update the incident by responding to the email sent to you telling you the service request was closed.  This will open a new service request which refers back to the original request.

Note: Only valid contacts can update service requests submitted to Oracle Technical Support.