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Language setting for incidents received via Techmail
Answer ID 2663   |   Last Review Date 12/18/2018

How is the language setting determined for incidents that are created via incoming techmail?


Foreign Language, Email


For an incident created by techmail: 

The language ID is set by language-detection software that uses the content from the message body and/or subject line. The language ID is set only if an interface of that language pack exists within your site.

If language cannot be determined from the content or subject, then the language id is set to the language of the interface for the mailbox to which it was sent.

Incidents generated for techmail processing errors will have the language id set to match that of the current interface.

The interface for the resulting incident is not changed to match the interface where that language exists. If desired, create business rules to set the interface for these incidents to different values.

The behavior for incoming emails and languages within the application functions as follows.

  1. Process message based on encoding which defines the language family. For example, ISO-8859-1 would be European language including English.
  2. Review the decoded text to identify the specific language, for example Dutch.
  3. Assign incident to interface of mailbox.
  4. Assign incident to language of email IF an interface of that language exists. In this case, the language would be English or Dutch if the incoming message is English or Dutch and the site has an English and Dutch interface.
  5. Assign incident language to the language of the interface for the mailbox to which it was sent.

For incidents created via other methods:

If other incidents are created with no language specification, you can use Workspace rules if desired. Language can't be set in Business Rules. Example workspace rules are below.

Note: Set Language is not a conditional choice in Business Rules.

An example of an incident work space rule, could be something like the following based on a site with English and Dutch interfaces.

  1. Apply this rule when the editor loads.
  2. But only if interface = English interface and the language is not English or No Value
  3. Then set language to English.

A second work space rule could manage all the rest of the interfaces and set the value to Dutch if the language is Not Dutch or No Value.

In using Work Space rules, the language is not set at incident creation but the first time the incident is edited.

The behavior for End User Questions is as follows.

  1. Assign incident to interface of Question page
  2. Assign incident to language of interface

Another option to manually set the language of incidents, would be to add the language field to the Incident Multi-Edit work space.  Then create a report which filters your incidents similar to the rules above.  Then you could multi-select and change the language.