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Reporting on staff profile characteristics
Answer ID 2528   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

How can we report on our staff profiles?


Analytics, Profiles / Accounts
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Standard Reports

Two standard reports allow you to view staff account information based on profile permissions. For more information on the Accounts by Profile Permission (Report ID 13004) and Profile Permissions by Account (Report ID 13003) reports, refer to Answer ID 2527: Administration Reports in RightNow.

Custom Reports using the Profiles Table  

You can include the profiles database table in a custom report. This allows you to create a list of staff profiles that are configured in your site.

Within the profiles table, several fields indicate permissions granted on each of the profile tabs.  These permissions fields are all bitmaps where each checkbox on the tab corresponds to a numerical value.  The value of the permission field is the sum of the checkbox numbers.

Permissions as filters: You can include permission fields as filters within a report.  Use the In List operator to enable specific permission checkboxes of interest. Profiles with any of the selected permissions will be included in your report.

Within a filter, the filter uses an OR join between multiple checkboxes that are enabled. That is if you include the css_perms field as a filter and set the filter to use an operator of "in list", if you enable both the Incident View and Incident Edit options, profiles that have either of those permissions enabled (but not necessarily both) are returned in the report.

Permissions as output columns: When displayed as an output column, the permission field lists which checkboxes are enabled on the corresponding tab. For example, if you include the CSS Permissions field in the report, the field displays similar to:

Incident View, Incident Edit, Incident Respond, Answer Edit, Answer Set Public, Assign Other Groups

In this case, the Incident Delete and Answer Delete options are not listed, which indicates that those boxes are not enabled in the staff profile.

Types of permission fields:  The permission fields listed below correspond to features enabled in specific profiles tabs.

  • Contact Permissions -- (contact_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Contacts tab.

  • CSS Permissions -- (css_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Service tab when Oracle B2C Service is enabled.

  • Global Permissions -- (global_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Common, Analytics and Tasks tabs.

  • MA Permissions -- (ma_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Outreach tab when Oracle B2C Service Outreach is enabled.

  • Org Permissions -- (org_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Organization tab.

  • SA Permissions -- (sa_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Sales tab when Oracle RightNow Opportunity Tracking Cloud Service is enabled.

  • Survey Permissions -- (survey_perms) -- Includes options enabled on the Surveys tab when Oracle B2C Service Feedback is enabled.

From the profiles table, you can also report on other profile features such as the inbox limit, incident pull policy and the pull policy and pull quantity.

Note: Staff whose staff profile has the Administration box checked can also access descriptions for the profiles table from the data dictionary. If your staff profile has the Administration box checked on the Common tab, you can access the data dictionary from the path: Common Administration Items > Database Administration > Data Dictionary.