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Viewing which staff are assigned to which profiles and groups
Answer ID 2236   |   Last Review Date 09/23/2018

How can I see which staff are assigned to which profiles and groups?


Staff accounts in your Oracle B2C Service application


You can include the staff table in a custom report. This allows you to create a report that lists all of your staff members and which groups and profiles they are assigned to. You can also include output columns to identify whether the account is disabled, the staff member's email address, and other fields that are set from the Staff Accounts table.

To create a custom report that lists the staff accounts with their groups and profiles, use the steps below:

You can use the Accounts by Profile Permission standard report to view staff accounts and profiles for them. This report is accessed from the reports explorer by clicking Common > Site Administration > Staff Management.  To customize the report, you can copy this standard report or create a new one using the steps below.

  1. From the console, click File > Report to create a new report 
  2. Select Grid Report or Standard Report
  3. In the Data Dictionary section, expand All Tables and click Accounts (accounts)
  4. From the Fields section, drag and drop the Full Name, Group, and Profiles fields to the display area
  5. Click Data > Sort to specify the sort order of the data
  6. If you wish, add a fixed or run-time filter
  7. Save the report