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Editing sales quotas
Answer ID 2007   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

How do I add or edit sales quotas?


Opportunity Tracking, Sales
Oracle RightNow Opportunity Tracking Cloud Service


Oracle RightNow Opportunity Tracking Cloud Service allows you to define sales quotas for each sales representative that has a staff account created in the database. Quotas are defined for each sales period. This allows you to generate reports that show quota versus forecast versus closed opportunity revenue for each sales representative. Therefore, to add or edit a sales quota for a sales representative, you must edit the appropriate sales period.

To add or edit a quota:

  1. From the Opportunities items, select Sales Periods. 
  2. To add a sales quota to a new sales period, click on the New button on the ribbon within the Sales Periods workspace. To edit a quota in an existing sales period, double-click on the period in the left frame to open 
  3. For a new sales period, enter a name and set the dates for the period. Set the type to annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly.
  4. In the Quotas area in the right frame, click the Amount field for the sales representative and enter the amount in the text box. If necessary, change the currency.

    Note: Beginning in the August '08 release, those staff accounts with "Appear in Menus" selected on the Sales tab in their profile will appear in the Quotas section. 
  5. Click Save and Close in the top right corner to save the quota and close the Sales Quota window. 
  6. Click Save to save the new or modified sales quota to the sales period.