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Deleting an incident queue
Answer ID 1989   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

What actions should we take when deleting an incident queue?


Site Administration, Queues
Oracle B2C Service


If you determine that your business process no longer needs to use an incident queue that already exists in your RightNow application, review the actions below in order to remove the queue successfully from your system.

It is not possible to merely disable an existing queue from being assigned incidents. Queues configured in your application can be assigned incidents manually by staff members.

To delete an incident queue, use the process below: 

  1. Edit incident rules: Review your incident rules and edit or remove any rules that assign incidents to the queue. Be sure to activate the ruleset after you have modified the appropriate rules.
  2. Reassign incidents assigned to that queue: If there are any incidents assigned to the queue that is to be deleted, consider reassigning those incidents to a more appropriate queue. When you delete the queue, all incident assigned to that queue are set to "No Value".

    If you have several other incidents that are not associated with a queue and set as No Value, you will not be able to easily distinguish which incidents were associated with the deleted queue from incidents that were already set to No Value. Therefore, after deleting the queue, it may be more difficult to reorganize your incidents if necessary.
  3. Edit views and reports to remove filters specific to that queue: You cannot delete the queue without first removing all view and report dependency conflicts. To determine which view and reports include filters need to be changed, try deleting the queue and if a dependency window pops up, note of all views and reports listed and edit them to remove the dependency.

    After the queue is deselected or the filter is completely removed from all the reported views and reports, you should have no further issues removing the queue. For more information on dependency issues, refer to Answer ID 2260: Resolving Dependency Conflicts.

After evaluating your rules, incidents, views and reports, use the steps below to delete the queue:

  1. From Configuration, select Application Appearance > Customizable Menus > Incident Queues.
  2. Click on the queue name and click the Delete button on the ribbon.