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Creating reusable content for Outreach documents
Answer ID 1924   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

How do I create reusable content for use with several mailings?


Outreach, Feedback
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Reusable content is helpful if certain blocks of content are used more than once in different mailings and surveys. Defining reusable content allows you to store sections of content that can be used at a later time as many times as you need.

For comprehensive information on creating reusable content, refer to the Outreach and Feedback section of the documentation for your release.  To access Oracle B2C Service manuals and documentation online, refer to the Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products.

Note:  Reusable content in the Content Library is configured separately and is independent from the standard text items used with incidents or variables used with answers. Standard text items and variables must be configured from the Service Configuration items in the application. Standard text and variables cannot be used as reusable content with mailings and surveys.  

If you would like to use a block of content in mailings and surveys as well as with incident responses, you must configure both a reusable content item for use with mailing and surveys as well as define a standard text response in the Service Configuration items.

By default, all reusable content is kept in the Content Library.  The Content Library allows you to organize and manage different types of reusable content, including documents, files, templates, tracked links and snippets.  This content can be used with surveys, mailings, campaigns, and web pages.

  • Tracked Links - used to track how many times a link was clicked from your mailing.  Tracked links can be included in templates, documents, snippets and mailings.

  • Snippet  - sections of reusable content that can be inserted into templates, documents, and mailings.  Can be HTML or text format.

  • Files - define specific files to be used with your mailings. Links to files can be added to documents, templates, snippets, and mailings. Files are not attached directly to the mailing, but rather a link to the file is included in the mailing.

  • Template - reusable design containing headers and footers of your document or survey. When used in a document or survey, it cannot be edited.

  • Documents - can be either HTML or text format. Documents can be based on templates and can include snippets, tracked links or files. 
    When creating documents for use with mailings, be sure that the Approve for Email box is checked on the Summary tab of the document. If this box is not checked documents you have created are not listed in the Choose Document window.