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Creating an 'internal' incident for a contact
Answer ID 1919   |   Last Review Date 09/09/2019

How can we create an "internal" incident for a contact?




When certain types of issues arise, such as a customer complaint, we want to attach the issue to the contact's account. However, we want to keep this incident as "internal" information only and we do not want it shared with the contact via the Account - Support History page. How can we create an "internal" incident for a contact?


You can create an incident that contains private information and associate it to a contact record without displaying the information to the contact. By copying the "internal" content into the Notes field of the incident, staff members can view the content from the administrative pages. The contact, however, cannot view the contents of the Notes field.

Because an incident does exist, the contact could access the incident as part of their history from the Account - Support History page. As such, you can enter some text into the Customer Entry or Response field so that the contact can view some general content for that incident.

Another option is to create a custom incident status, such as "Internal", and assign these incidents to that status. Then, on the Account - Support History page, you can include a filter that excludes the Internal status from displaying. Reports on the administrative side (i.e. included in a contact workspace) could allow the Internal custom status so that staff members could easily see these incidents.

For more information on incident statuses, refer to Answer ID 48: Default incident and answer statuses.

For information on customizing this page, refer to Answer ID 2617: Customizing the Support History > Questions report.