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Sending a page or text message for critical incidents
Answer ID 1887   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Is there a way to configure a rule to automatically send a page or text message when a critical incident is submitted?


Business Rules


It is possible to create an incident workflow rule to send a page or text message when a high severity incident is received.

The Incident Severity field is only used within the console. This field does not display on the end-user pages. If you wish to allow end-users the ability to set a severity field when they submit the incident from the Ask a Question page, create an incident custom field, such as customer_severity, and enable the end-user edit ability for the field.

The rule configuration would be similar to the following:

IF Incidents.customer_severity (custom field) equals 1-Critical
THEN E-mail Incident Information to:

Or you could route all incidents from a specific company:

IF Incidents.Contact Information matches regular expression *
THEN E-mail Incident Information to:

The incoming incidents that match your rule trigger the pager to alert staff of the issue.

For more information, see Answer ID 2155: Using a severity field with Oracle B2C Service.