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Associating a contact to an organization record
Answer ID 1761   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

How do I associate a contact to an organization in our site?


Contacts and Organizations
Oracle B2C Service


You can only move contact records based on the permissions granted in your staff profile. The Contacts tab includes a Move column for the different combinations of states (Service, Outreach, and Opportunities). You can only move an existing contact if your profile has the Move checkbox enabled for the state associated with the contact record.

For example, if a profile does not have the Move box enabled for any record that has the Service state enabled, the staff member using that profile cannot move Service contacts to be associated with a different organization.

Staff can associate a contact to an organization either from the contact record or from the organization. The staff profile must allow the staff member to edit contact and/or organization records. In addition, the contact or organization workspace must include the appropriate controls and relationship items to allow contacts and organizations to be associated.

To associate an organization from the contact record:

  1. Open the contact record for editing.

  2. Click the magnifying glass icon next to the Organization ID field or right click on the Organization ID field and click Search.

  3. Search for the organization record by name.

  4. In the search results, highlight the row for the organization and click Select.

  5. When the window closes, the organization name displays in the ID field.

  6. Save the contact record.

To associate a contact to an organization record:

  1. Open the organization record for editing.

  2. Click the Contacts tab.

  3. Click Add and select either Add New Contact or Add Existing.  Add New creates a new contact record while Add Existing moves an already existing contact to be associated with the organization.

  4. If adding a new contact, fill out the fields in the New Contact window and click OK. 
    If adding an existing contact, search for the contact record using the pop-up window, highlight the record in the search results and click Select.

  5. Save the organization record.  Important!  The contact is not created or moved until the organization record is saved.