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Staff cannot find contact or organization record even though we know it exists
Answer ID 1739   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

Why is it some staff cannot search for the contact record but other staff members can using the Quick Search feature?


Contacts and Organizations, Staff Profile Permissions
Oracle B2C Service


When using Quick Search, a staff member's search may not return the record of interest, depending on the report and profile configurations in your site. This includes any type of record used with the Quick Search feature, including organizations, contacts, incidents, and sales opportunities.

CX State

When performing quick searches on contacts or organizations in the Outreach and Service modules, the quick search defaults set the corresponding CX state to be enabled. That is, using quick search at the Support Console uses a default CX State to have the Service state enabled, but not the Opportunities or Outreach states.

As a result, if you are searching for an Outreach contact from the Support Console, but use the quick search defaults, the record will not be returned. This is because that contact only has the Outreach state and not the Service CX state enabled. In these situations, when using quick search to search for a record that you know is in the database, but you are unsure of the CX State for that record, enable all three options for the CX field when you do the quick search. Note that some staff members may still be affected by the profile and views restrictions as discussed below and they might not be able to access the record.

For more information on the CX State field, refer to Answer ID 1998: State field with contact and organization records.

Profile and Report Considerations

If a staff member's profile does not have the Edit Administration box checked, the view specified for use at the console determines which records can be pulled up using the Quick Search feature. This is based on the fixed filters used in the view. This functionality is designed to prevent staff members with restricted access to incidents from being able to pull up incidents that their report does not allow access to.

If the staff has access to multiple reports but cannot edit those reports, the most liberal report (that allows access to the most records) determines which records can be returned. That is, if all reports that can be accessed by a staff member have the same fixed filters, then the data is restricted based on the fixed filters. If the reports do not share the same fixed filters, then the record can be accessed using Quick Search only if it can be accessed from any one of the reports. If any of the reports have no fixed filters, then the staff member can access any of the records from the Quick Search menu.

As a result, if the staff member's profile is set up with both of the following conditions, the staff member may not be able to access an incident even if it exists in the database:

  1. The staff member's profile does not have the Edit Administration option enabled. 

  2. The staff member's default report for the Support Console includes fixed filters. That is, if the default view restricts which incidents are shown by default, only those incidents are accessible by the quick search feature.