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Routing Answer Feedback to the staff member the answer is assigned to
Answer ID 1730   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

How can we route an incident created from Answer Feedback properly?


Answer feedback, Business Rules


Using incident rules, you can easily route incidents created from answer feedback to the staff member who is assigned to the answer on the administrative pages. Use the steps below to configuring a single workflow rule that routes answer feedback incidents to the appropriate staff member.

Note: If your site uses multiple interfaces, and you only want to route answer feedback incidents from one interface, in the IF part of the rule, add the condition: IF Incident.Interface equals <interface_name>.

To create a business rule:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Site Configuration > Rules. Click the Incident button on the ribbon. Click the Edit button on the ribbon.

  2. In the left frame, right-click on your initial state and select New Rule.

  3. Enter the name of the rule in the Rule Name field and any notes you deem necessary.

  4. Click Add IF Condition Based On and select Incident > Source equals End-User Pages > Feedback on Answers.

  5. In the THEN part of the rule, click Add Action - Then  > Assign incident to staff member assigned the answer

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Activate to compile and activate your ruleset.

  8. Test the workflow rule by submitting answer feedback from a few answers published on your site.