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Staff cannot view, edit or delete certain contact or organization records
Answer ID 1622   |   Last Review Date 11/25/2019

Every so often, a staff member comes across a contact or organization record that they cannot edit.  Other staff can edit it, though. 


Staff Accounts, Profiles, Contact State
Oracle B2C Service


My agent sees "You do not have permission to view this record" when trying to open some contact records, but can open others without issue.


In most cases, when a staff member can view or edit most contact or organization records but cannot view or edit other records, it is due to the State of the contact or organization and the staff member's profile configuration.

Staff profiles can be configured to allow staff the ability to only view, edit, or delete contacts and organizations that have specific states.  This allows you to "lock down" certain types of records so that only certain staff can access them or modify them.

For example, a profile may be configured to allow staff the ability to edit contacts that have a Opportunities, Outreach or Opportunities and Outreach state. If the staff member with that profile opens a contact that is also a Service state, they cannot edit the contact record.

To determine why a contact or organization cannot be edited, you must first determine the state associated with the record(s) that cannot be edited. Then, compare that to the staff profile.

Step 1: Determine record state.  For the record that cannot be edited, determine the state associated with the record.  That is, is it enabled for Opportunities, Outreach, and / or Service? To determine the state of the record:

  • View the State field on the top right of the contact or organization record.

Step 2: Evaluate staff member's profile.  Next, review the configuration permissions of the staff profile to ensure that staff can edit records with that state:

  1. From the Configuration items, select Staff Management > Profiles.

  2. Open the profile associated to the staff account. On the ribbon, click the Permissions button.

  3. From the Organizations or Contacts tab, determine which types of records (based on State) can be read, edited, or deleted.
  4. Determine if the profile should be modified to allow edit privileges for more states.

For additional information, refer to State field with contact and organization records.