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Favorite Tips 2017 - Holiday House of Tips!
Answer ID 9948   |   Last Review Date 12/28/2017

OSvC Technical Support team members shared their favorite tips over the 2017 holiday season — for troubleshooting, maintaining and customizing the Oracle Service Cloud.

Now here they are, under one roof:

house roof

 house column  


Obby the snowboarding dog

Core metrics trends in your custom dashboard


trash cat

SSO certs: intermediary and valid date


four calling birds

Add developers as contacts in your SR


four calling birds

Use uncropped screen shots!



Important points in submitting an SR!


Thor dog and candy cane

Organizing and alphabetizing!


rim dog and suitcase

Reduce SR resolution time (links!)


sleeping dog

Note Infrastructure requirements


husky dog

Do you need to customize?


four calling birds

Log your work when customizing



Capture traces while issues occur



Efficiently searching OSvC Knowledge Base

house floor
 house column







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