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Browser UI Assets
Answer ID 9916   |   Last Review Date 12/17/2019

What asset elements are supported by the Browser User Interface?

Browser UI Service and Dynamic Agent Desktop
A link is provided for each section where additional information is available.

  • Object Types
    •  Answers
    •  Assets
         -  Fields
         -  Relationship Items
         -  Workspace Controls
    •  Contacts
    •  Custom Objects
    •  Incidents
    •  Organizations
    •  Tasks
  • Workspace Elements
    •  Controls
    •  Custom Fields
    •  Fields
    •  Labels
    •  Relationship Items
  • Workspace Rules
  • Agent Scripts
  • Channels
  • Desktop Workflows

NOTE:  The Agent Browser User Interface is only supported for the last five (5) Oracle B2C Service releases for all customers.

* Items in the tables below showing asterisk (*) indicates that detail is not yet supported.


 Name  Type  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Contact  Search Box  Supported  
 Date Installed  Date  Supported  
 Date Purchased  Date  Supported  
 Date Retired  Date  Supported  
 Description  Text  Supported  
 Name  Text  Supported  
 Organization  Search Box  Supported  
 Price  Currency  Supported  
 Product  Product Catalog  Supported  
 Serial Number  Text  Supported  
 Status  Menu  Supported  

Relationship Items

 Name  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Audit Log  Supported  
 Incidents  Supported  

Workspace Controls

 Name  Browser UI Support   Notes
 Answer  Supported  
 Browser  Supported  
 Button  Supported  
 Hyperlink  Supported  
 Image  Supported  
 List Box  Supported  
 Menu  Supported  
 Panel  Supported  
 Intelligent Interface  Supported  
 Radio Buttons  Supported  
 Report  Supported  
 Script  Supported  
 Spacer  Supported  
 Tab set  Supported  
 Table  Supported  
 Text  Supported  
 Text Box  Supported  
 Title Bar  Supported  

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