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Working with Content Type configuration in Knowledge Advanced Authoring
Answer ID 9826   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Why are my changes to content type configuration full text search not showing up in results for 'Find' under a content type?


Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced


I am unable to use the Find under a content type to locate articles that relate to my search for embedded text in the article. I changed the content type configuration to expand searching to include full text and still cannot Find articles search for embedded text.


For Knowledge Advanced Authoring, the Find search is run for individual content types that are indexed based on the content types configuration. When the Enable full text searching' is checked, the Find functionality will not show changed results until reindexing. The indexing automatically runs for an individual article when that article is published; however, the indexing does not automatically run when the content type configuration is changed.  Reindexing must be kicked off manually to reflect the changes in content type configuration. To run reindexing for a content type:

In the Console, under Authoring -> Tools -> Full Text Search -> Reindex.  Click 'Reindex' and then select All, Latest or Live for the content type to perform indexing on.

This applies to removal or disabling full text searching in the content type configuration.

For more information on Authoring, see About Knowledge Advanced Authoring.  The Online Help documentation is available from Answer ID 8156: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Knowledge Advanced.