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Understanding Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Assistance
Answer ID 9704   |   Last Review Date 05/26/2021

What is the role of the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support Team?


Working with Oracle B2C Service Technical Support


Oracle Technical Support troubleshoots all product areas of our solution to ensure the solution is functioning as designed and implemented.

The Technical Support team should be engaged directly via service requests when a customer suspects a defect in the base product has been discovered or they are having environmental issues, such as slowed or uneven performance.

The Technical Support team does not provide implementation assistance. If you need help, make sure to check the Support Center Knowledge Base for answers. If you need other assistance or training for implementing your site, Oracle can help you with design and implementation via our Oracle Consulting Services team. You can sign up for these services through your Sales Account Manager.

Our Technical Support team includes workstation and network environment specialists. Where applicable, our specialists will advise you regarding potential problem areas in your environment that may be contributing to your specific issue. Your IT department will be expected to perform all system administration activities on your network and workstations, such as capturing and providing requested logs, troubleshooting devices, and workstation and network configuration.

'How to' Questions:
When a customer has a "how to" question regarding Oracle B2C Service, the expectation is that they have the resources and technical aptitude to seek out a resolution to the problem via our variety of self-service options. These options include knowledgebase answers and documents found in the Support Center Knowledge Base, contextual help within the product, both the user and developer Community Forums, and the Support Experience Blog. Technical Support does not accept service requests for "how to" questions.

Customer Community:  
Leveraging our community offering is a great way to get assistance in implementing the solution including ideas on how to write custom reports, create or implement widgets or rules, or any number of other customizable options, such as changes on how a previously designed customization functions.

It is important to make note that our Technical Support team works on the investigation of out-of-the-box product defects only, and does not fix broken customizations or review customer written code. We do not assist customers in understanding why any type of customization is not performing in the manner in which they intended it to perform.