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Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor deprecation begins as of August 2017
Answer ID 9686   |   Last Review Date 09/19/2018

What do I need to know about the Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor deprecation?


Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor


Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor is deprecated as of August 2017. Customers are encouraged to utilize our integration frameworks and desktop automation capabilities to create their own offers and configurable messages.

How long do I have to migrate my Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor implementation?

The deprecation period for Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor starts August 2017. Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor will remain available for 2 years prior to the actual removal of the functionality (until August 2019).

Why is Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor being deprecated?

The Offer Advisor is an add-on feature that automatically provides agents with product offerings and other configurable messages based on the nature of the customer or organization record that an incident is associated with. The current Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor solution was not meeting our customer's requirements with only a few customers that are using it.  

What is the future strategy for customers that want to monitor and respond to the social channel?

The majority of customers today already chose to utilize our flexible integration framework plus the configurable desktop automation to provide configurable messages and offers for agents instead of using the offer advisor. Another option would be to build integrations with other offer systems.

What if I don't migrate?

No future enhancements will be made to Oracle B2C Service Offer Advisor. Defects will be addressed until the final End of Life announcement (August 2019).

Where can I go to find more information?

In addition to your account team, the Oracle Cloud Customer Connect Forums are a great place for questions on building integrations and workflows.

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