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Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor deprecation begins of August 2017
Answer ID 9685   |   Last Review Date 11/06/2019

What do I need to know about the deprecation of the Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor feature?


Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor


Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor (at one time known as Cloud Monitor) is deprecated as of August 2017. 
Customers are encouraged to evaluate Oracle Social Cloud and the new social features available in Service Cloud leveraging Oracle Integration Cloud.

How long do I have to migrate my Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor implementation?

The deprecation period for Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor starts August 2017. Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor will remain available for 2 years until the actual removal of the functionality.

What if I don't migrate?

No future enhancements will be made to Oracle B2C Service Social Monitor. We will continue to fix defects that result in a Social Monitor service down event. Additionally, we will continue to work with our third party social networks to address any changes in policy or APIs that result in Social Monitor service down events until August 16th 2019.

What happens to Social Monitor Incidents after it's turned off?

All Social incidents should be closed before Social Monitor expires.  Social Cloud can be used in parallel while Social Monitor incidents age out.  Existing Social Monitor incidents are retained for historical reference but Social Monitor no longer updated from / post to social networks.  In the future the Social Monitor tables will be removed from the product and not reportable.