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Options within the Tools tab require a user to have the “KA Sysadmin Role” Console Role
Answer ID 9680   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why do I not have all Administration options displayed within Authoring -> Tools when my account is associated to a Console Role with all permissions assigned?


Oracle B2C Service, Product listing
Knowledge Advanced


The options within the Tools tab besides "Global Find and Replace" require a user to have the "KA Sysadmin Role" Console Role assigned. While referred to as the "KA Sysadmin Role" within KA product documentation, this Console Role is displayed as "Default Administration Role" for Knowledge Advanced Authoring within the Agent Console.


The initial administrator login has Sysadmin Role.  A Sysadmin user can add another user to that privilege in the Users tab/console user list of Authoring.  If there is no known sysadmin user contact the enablement team with an SR.