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Integrated Cobrowse configuration guide
Answer ID 9634   |   Last Review Date 05/12/2022

I just had Cobrowse turned on in the console. Why isn't it working?


Integrated Cobrowse


Once Integrated Cobrowse has been provisioned and enabled for your site, there are three steps which are required for a new implementation. Until these steps are completed, Integrated Cobrowse will not function correctly. For this type of implementation, agents need to use .NET Console and customers need to launch chats through Customer Portal pages. See Answer ID 12225: Integrated Cobrowse on Browser UI and Chat Inlays for steps to setup Cobrowse using Browser UI and Chat Inlays.

1. Cobrowse access must be checked in the Profile permissions for the agents who will be using Cobrowse. 

  1. Navigate to Staff Management > Profiles
  2. Open up the profile you wish to edit
  3. Click Permissions on the ribbon
  4. Click on the Service tab
  5. Check Cobrowse under More Options*
  6. Save & Close the profile

* If you do not see "Cobrowse" under "More Options", then Cobrowse has not been enabled on your site. You may be able to use the Configuration Assistant in the Oracle Cloud Portal to enable Cobrowse for your production site. If you do not have access to the Configuration Assistant, please create a Service Request asking for Cobrowse to be enabled.

* To enable Cobrowse on test sites, you will need to refresh the test site from the production site (that has Cobrowse enabled).

Answer ID 7537: What is Oracle Cloud Portal?

2. The Cobrowse control must be added to the appropriate chat and/or incident workspaces

  1. In the workspace, add a tab.
  2. Name the tab accordingly, for example: "Cobrowse".
  3. From the Insert Control tab, click and drag the "Cobrowse" control into this new tab.
  4. Save & Close to save your changes
  • If you are using Cobrowse in a chat workspace, you will also need to add the Screen Sharing button to the ribbon.
  1. Navigate to Application Appearance - Workspaces and Workflows
  2. Open up the workspace you need to edit
  3. Under the Home tab, click on the Ribbon button
  4. To add a button to a button group, click the button group you want to add the button to (either on the ribbon preview or in the item list).
  5. Click Edit Group
  6. Click on Add Buttons to open the Add or Remove Buttons window.
  7. Check the Screen Sharing button
  8. Click OK

See the documentation for your version for more details: Answer ID 5168: What documentation is available for Oracle B2C Service Products?

3. The Cobrowse Premium widgets need to be added to the Customer Portal pages. Both Cobrowse Premium widgets need to be added and require version CP3.2 or greater.

  • <rn:widget path="chat/ChatCobrowsePremium" />   Must be placed on chat_landing.php page. This widget allows a Cobrowse session to be started within a chat.
  • <rn:widget path="utils/CobrowsePremium" />  Must be placed on all pages you wish to cobrowse with. This widget includes the Cobrowse launcher script which allows the agent to see the end-user customer's page. If there is not a page open with this widget, the Cobrowse session will not begin. Recommended to be placed on the standard.php template or your site's custom template.

See also:  Answer ID 5884: Cobrowse does not work in the agent's workspace

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