Understand the advanced options for changing Policy Automation interview styling and behavior
Answer ID 9581   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

What additional options exist for changing Policy Automation interview behavior and styling?


Oracle Policy Automation (latest release)


Sometimes, the out-of-the-box styling options and control types available for Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) interviews do not meet all business requirements. For instance, you may have a requirement to unify the interview styling and behavior with your corporate look and feel. In these cases, as a developer, you may be asked to help with customizing the appearance or behavior of those interviews.

Customization of interview styling and behavior is performed through a JavaScript-based extension mechanism. (Note that this is different from August 2016 interviews which use custom controls to modify the appearance and behavior of an interview.)

The core of the extension mechanism is the "AddExtension" object which is added to the global OraclePolicyAutomation object that is available on the client.

OraclePolicyAutomation.AddExtension(<extension object>);

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