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Supplementing Clickstreams data in reports
Answer ID 9517   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Is there a simple way to see the recent end-user activity such as pages visited and corresponding events?


Analytics, All supported versions


The application has many tables that can be used to monitor end-user activity and the clickstreams table is one of those. This table can provide the most complete information on all sorts of activities that are performed by Customer Portal users. However, due to the big table size, you may face an inability to join this table with another large table.  Most likely data can be requested for short timeframes only.

If your business model requires recent data for longer periods of time, or you would like to join a few tables together and cannot use clickstreams due to its size, you may consider using tables such as visitor_events and visitor_pages. Please note these tables are only available if you have implemented Engagement Engine. Below is a list of a few additional tables that can potentially be used to supplement clickstreams data:

visitor_events - Events generated by visitor activity.

visitor_pages - URLs of pages visited.

visitor_offers - A visitor offer (such as an offer to chat) is meant to convert a web site visitor into a buyer.

visitor_sessions - Sessions of visitor activity.

session_summary - Contains summary information and statistics about Customer Portal visits.


Please be aware that some of these tables can be purged by the agedatabase utility according to your site configuration. Below is the list of configuration settings that may affect the above mentioned tables.

VS_PURGE_NON_PAGELOAD_EVENTS_DAYS - Specifies the age in days after which Visitor Browser History data will be purged by the agedatabase utility. The default value is 14 days, the maximum value is 730 days, the minimum value is 1 day. This config verb will control the purging of all non-browse type records (e.g., offers, accepts, and converts) in the visitor_events table. Default is 14.

PURGE_DELETE_SESSION_SUMMARY - Defines the number of days after which session summary statistics are removed from the database. Set this value to 0 to prevent statistics from being removed from the database. Default is 0.

For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.

For more information on creating a custom report, refer to Answer ID 2509: Creating a basic custom report.

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