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Error when updating an existing Guided Assistance.
Answer ID 9511   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why do I receive a 'response node...' error when trying to import a Guided Assistance?


Guided Assistance
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


When trying to import a Guided Assistance, I am receiving the following error:

"The response node cannot be added as it would exceed the maximum amount of 2048 response nodes the guide can have."


This error means that the sum of the response nodes in the .xml output file is higher than 2048 which is a hard limit and cannot be changed.

In order to calculate this, open the .xml output of the Guided Assistance that you are trying to import with a text editor (i.e. like Notepad++).  Count the word "responsenode" and divide by two because you will have one entry when the node opens and one when it closes. Note the value.

Perform the same action on the Guided Assistance that already exits and add that value to the previous one. You will notice that the sum of these values is higher than 2048.

In order to import a large Guided Assistance over another one and keep the unique identifier you can take the following steps:

1. Open the guided assistance that you wish to change but still keep the id
2. Navigate to one of the superior nodes
3. Press the delete button so the majority of the nodes will be removed
4. Import the guided assistance that you want to be the replacement
5. Follow the import process and wait until the changes are done
6. Save the changes