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RNTaccess account
Answer ID 9505   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

What is the rntaccess account?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


An account with the name rntaccess is present on the site.


The rntaccess account is a system-defined account which Technical Support uses for the purpose of troubleshooting customer issues.  All work done by Technical Support through this account is logged for security purposes.

This account provides permissions similar to the administrator account described in the following link: Oracle B2C Service System Administrator account.  It will be used in cases where cloning an existing account does not provide Technical Support the permissions they need to investigate your issue.  Support will not make configuration or environmental changes within the application when using this account.  If such changes are needed, they will be communicated to you via the service request and instructions provided for you to make changes within your site.

Generally, once we are done troubleshooting an issue, we will remove the rntaccess account.  However, in some cases it is necessary to let the account remain for escalation purposes. Oracle uses this account as a tool to help resolve service requests submitted by your organization.  Submission of a service request provides Oracle permission to create this account and login to your site for investigation of reported issues.  As part of your contract, you agree to provide Oracle with all necessary information, access and full good faith cooperation reasonably necessary to enable Oracle to provide Support Services.

When you see this account listed in a report, please note that deletion and editing is not permitted. Additionally, each time this account is removed it is also removed from all menus, reports, and transactional data. This includes any report schedules that are set to run from this account. For this reason, this account should not be used for the 'Run report as' option of a report schedule.

Please note:  The Administrator account with account ID 1 and the rntaccess account are not counted against your license.

For more information, please see the Oracle Services Agreement (Section 16).