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Agent Browser User Interface Feature to B2C Service Version Dependencies
Answer ID 9239   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2021

Are there Browser UI features that have a dependency on the B2C Service version we are running?


Browser User Interface (BUI)
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


The Oracle B2C Service Agent Browser User Interface leverages Core platform APIs and Service Console Administration user interfaces both at runtime to retrieve data and perform actions, but also at design time to store configuration options and create metadata.  For a majority of features, the APIs and Administration UIs already exist.  When the Agent Browser UI features are released, they are backwards compatible with all supported versions of Oracle B2C Service.  However, there are rare occasions when the introduction of a feature to the Agent Browser UI requires updates to the platform APIs and/or the Service Console Admin UI.  When this occurs, that feature is tied to a particular quarterly release of the Oracle B2C Service.  Currently there are only a few features that have this dependency that are listed in the table below.

Dependency Table
Agent Browser UI Feature
B2C Service Versions
Service Usage Metrics
Video Chat
Element Manager
Business Rules 2.0
August 2017 +
Multi-edit Workspaces
August 2017 +
Multi-edit Workspaces for Custom Objects
18B +


Please follow this answer as we will update this table when any additional Agent Browser UI features are released requiring a specific version of CX.