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Fatal Error. Access Denied. Reason: Client address is not authorized
Answer ID 9143   |   Last Review Date 12/10/2018

Why do I receive "Fatal Error. Access Denied." when accessing Customer Portal pages or launch link for the console?


Configuration Settings
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC), All versions


Agents receive this error when accessing Customer Portal pages or the install link for the Oracle B2C Service console"

Fatal Error
Access Denied
Reason: Client address is not authorized.

In case the Oracle B2C Service console is already installed, when trying to access the application, the message returned will be: "Unable to connect to the remote server. Please make sure the site was entered correctly and that you are connected to the Internet".


In order to resolve this issue, the host has to be added in the list of IPs/ranges in the appropriate configuration setting:

SEC_VALID_ENDUSER_HOSTS (defines which hosts are allowed to access the end-user pages) 

SEC_VALID_ADMIN_HOSTS (defines which hosts are allowed to access the administration interface/agent console)

...or you can elect to clear out the IP addresses/ranges from the configuration settings, in accordance with your business needs.

For further information on this topic refer to Answer ID 245: Restricting computers or hosts that can access the Oracle B2C Service console and end-user pages