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Error on run of campaign
Answer ID 9132   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why do I receive errors when running a Campaign?


Oracle B2C Service Console


We sometimes receive the following error:

Internal Error
    File: msgbase.c
    Line: 130
  In Fcn: msg_open
  Called Fcn: mmap() returned -1
Description: mmap of /cgi-bin/site.db/wl/en_US/nlp_lexicon.wl failed, errno=12.
If multi-editing, reducing the number of records selected may solve this problem.


If you see such an error in the error log resulting from a Campaign run, it could be due to one of the following reasons:


  1. Campaign audience is too large 

    To resolve this, split the audience used for the Campaign into smaller groups of objects to be processed by the Campaign.

  2. Rules and/or External Events are not being suppressed

    If you are using a Custom Process Model (CPM) in the process, use suppression as described in Answer ID 8392: SPM/Process Designer Best Practices.

  3. More rules than necessary are firing

    Rules should be arranged so that each object processed touches as few rules as possible.
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